Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

The real enemy in Afghanistan is illiteracy
Col Jamie Cade, Canadian Military

“A building is not a school. A building is a school when
it has a good teacher, a good curriculum, and
lots of activity. Then it’s a school.”

Yasin Farin, Executive Director,
PARSA (CW4WAfghan Project Partner)

Over the last decade, there has been remarkable progress made in Afghanistan. This girl (and millions like her) has returned to school. Her mother is able to see a doctor. But most women still have little access to education and schools lack books and qualified teachers. Most Afghans live in extreme poverty and many fear for their safety.


In Afghanistan today, there is hope for the future thanks to the help of Canadians like you. However, without a long-term commitment to advancing human rights and opportunities for Afghan women and their families, this hope could be lost for the people of Afghanistan.

CW4WAfghan is a volunteer-based registered charity founded in 1996 to advance education and educational opportunities for Afghan women and their families, and to educate Canadians about human rights in Afghanistan. CW4WAfghan implements, funds, and manages education projects in two main program areas: (1) Community Libraries & Book Development Program, and (2) Investments in Public Education. We have supported over 300 projects in Afghanistan to date, and work with a variety of Afghan civil society and women’s organizations to deliver our programs. A complete list of our current projects is available here: HOW WE HELP.

And what can you do? Check out our many web-based resources and read more about how you can host a Breaking Bread for Afghan Women pot-luck dinner with your friends and family. Make a donation to our Lantern Fund. Donations contribute to teacher training, community schools, orphan support, training and education resources towards our goal of improving the quality and access to education for Afghan women and girls.

Help us ensure the rights of Afghan women and girls are as real and lasting as those of our own mothers, daughters and sisters. Join us!


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Canadians working together to secure human rights
for Afghan women and girls

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