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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

Why A Potluck Dinner?

Pot Luck Dinners are easy on the budget, so most people are happy and able to participate in the event. Often we are invited to fundraisers for worthwhile causes, but decline because it can become quite costly. While we want to help the cause, in order to do so we are also expected to contribute money for a dinner that we may not particularly want. The charity we'd like to support only gets a fraction of the money that we pay to attend the event for their projects. With a fundraising potluck dinner, more funds are available to go towards our ongoing education programs in Afghanistan.

The pot-luck dinner fundraising has become an ongoing process and people hold pot lucks all through the year, winter, spring, summer, and fall ---- year after year. They are a lot of fun, easy to pull together, and the funds generated by them are making a huge difference in the lives of thousands of Afghan women and girls --- providing them with hope and opportunity.

Pot Lucks are Fun!

Potluck Dinners are an old tradition that lets people get together without putting a burden on the host. With a potluck, no one person has to do all the work. Everyone is expected to bring either an appetizer, a main course, a salad, a vegetable dish, a dessert, fruit, or cheese and crackers. This makes for an interesting eclectic meal. Sometimes you might taste a really wonderful dish that another guest made and ask for the recipe. You might meet some new people with similar interests at a potluck and make new friends. Guests can also share in very interesting dialogue about these important, complex issues. They will increase their understanding and share in the inspiration often resulting from these gatherings.

Organizing a Pot Luck Dinner

Invite your friends and/or family to join together in your home or a local community hall for a fundraising potluck supper. You might also ask some friends to bring one or more of their friends to the evening. Or perhaps you might prefer to co-host a dinner with one or two friends, with each one inviting several friends. This can work really well and makes for a very interesting enjoyable evening, filled with good conversation.

When you invite everyone, please explain that guests are to each bring a dish of food and, in addition, guests are asked to make a donation by cheque towards education for Afghan women and their families. Donations of all amounts are warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated. The funds will help fund our education programs as described on our website, including running literacy classes for women and girls in rural areas, teacher training and purchasing school resource kits (science and libraries). 

We suggest that the dinner be informal. The host should provide cutlery, glasses, plates, one dish and simple refreshments. To organize the potluck dinner, hosts may ask each guest what food they are planning to bring and suggest which part of the meal they should cover, whether it is appetisers, main (non-pork or vegetarian meals are appreciated by many), salads or desserts. This will help ensure a balanced menu. For larger gatherings sometimes a host might ask people with a last name starting A to G to bring main courses, H to M for salads, N to S for desserts and T to Z for appetisers, for example. Some hosts may choose not to balance the food and just enjoy the outcome. Often the host offers to provide juice, water, coffee and tea, and they may also include one bottle of wine to start the evening. You can either set up a table with place settings for as many guests as you expect or have a buffet. Feel free to make an announcement that this is Pot Luck Dinner, so everyone is expected to pitch in and help, and especially to take responsibility for their course.

If you need further details, please feel free to contact us well in advance, so that we can answer any questions you may have or provide further support to your fundraiser: email:

Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan
PO Box 86016, Marda Loop, Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2T 6B7

t: 1 (403) 244-5625

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