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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

Advocating for Women's and Girls' Rights in Afghanistan

Join us in raising awareness and calling for action from the international community in protecting the rights of Afghan women and bringing about a true ceasefire in Afghanistan. Together, we will stand in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan and send a strong message that Canadians care about security, women's futures and human rights in the country. 


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View and share our short video advocating for the protection of women's human rights, including the right to education.



Use our letter template to prepare a letter or email to send to your Federal MP. Click here to search for your local MP. All MP addresses are the same format:  If you know your MP’s name, you can use this format. 

Template letters that are personalized by the sender are more likely to be read and can achieve a bigger impact, so feel free to personalize and adapt this template.

If you are sending your message by email, be sure to blind copy This will help us in tracking the impact of our campaign. 



Sign and share this petition created by WLUML calling for a ceasefire and protections of Afghan women's rights



Read and share the open letters written by other women's advocacy organizations:

From Afghan Women's Network

Statement on Afghan Women's Vision for Ceasefire, January 2021

From international solidarity network Women Living Under Muslim Law

Statement on the Assissination of Two Female Supreme Court Judges

From the Afghan advocacy network, Our Voices, Our Future

An Open Letter to President Biden, Our Voices, Our Future, January 2021

An Open Letter to European Union Leaders, Our Voices, Our Future, October 2020

An Open Letter to the UN High Commissioner for Human RightsOur Voices, Our Future, October 2020

An Open Letter from World Leaders Calling for Afghan Women’s Meaningful Participation in the Peace Process, September 2020

An Open Letter to Our AlliesOur Voices, Our Future, September 2020

An Open Letter to the Taliban, Our Voices, Our Future, August 2020



Without a Ceasefire, Peace Talks for Afghanistan Are a Sham, by Lauryn Oates, The Calgary Herald, November 23, 2020

Access to Education is Fundamental to the Protection of Afghan Women's Rights, by Murwarid Ziayee and Sarah Keeler, Ms. Magazine, September 1, 2020 

Afghans Know What a Desirable Peace Looks Like, and It’s One Where Rights Truly Exist, by Murwarid Ziayee, Medium, April 16, 2020

US-Taliban agreement leaves Afghan women in jeopardy, by Nadia Hashimi, The Hill, March 14, 2020

‘Thrown under the bus’: Some Afghans view U.S.-Taliban peace deal with mix of disbelief and anger, by Susannah George, The Washington Post, March 8, 2020

Peace with the Taliban comes at the expense of Afghanistan’s women, by Sally Armstrong, The Globe & Mail, March 6, 2020

Afghan women will reject Taliban rule: First Lady, by Anwar Iqbal, Dawn, November 2019

What the Taliban are telling themselves about war and peace, Christian Science Monitor, September 2019

Without Afghan Women, There Can Be No Peace, Feminist Majority Foundation statement, September 2019

Trump's Taliban peace talks have collapsed. But many Afghans aren't surprised — or sad, By Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, NBC News, September 2019

Yes, the Taliban has changed — it’s gotten much better at PR, By Tanya Goudsouzian, The Washington Post, August 2019

Afghans Want the Right Peace Deal, Not Just an End to Violence, By Belquis Ahmadi, US Institute for Peace, August 2019

The Taliban Promise to Protect Women. Here's Why Women Don't Believe Them, By Cora Engelbrecht, The New York Times, July 2019



Female delegates during the opening ceremony of the Grand Assembly, April 29, 2019. An expected agreement between the U.S. and the Taliban to smooth future negotiations raises concerns that women may lose some freedoms. (Jim Huylebroek/The New York Times)





Never Go Back: Our Position on Negotiations With the Taliban (2020), Summary of CW4WAfghan Position on Taliban Negotiations, March 2020

A Call to Commit to the Protection of Women’s Rights in Afghanistan (2019), Joint Statement on Taliban Negotiations from Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan (CW4WAfghan) and Women for Afghan Women (WAW)

#MyRedLine: a grassroots movement in Afghanistan that uses social media to communicate the voices of Afghan concerns and recommendations for a sustainable peace. Read their July Report.

Fragility and Making Peace: Rights of Afghan Women and Peace With the Taliban, Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APPRO), May 2019

Policy Brief: Rights of Afghan Women and Peace Negotiations, APPRO, May 2019

Briefing: Short History of Peace Negotiations with Taliban, APPRO, April 2019

What Will Peace Talks Bode for Afghan Women? Briefing Note, International Crisis Group, April 2020



Afghanistan 2021 - Prospects for Peace and Development - Options for Canadian Support, webinar co-hosted by CAIDP & CW4WAfghan, February 2021

Virtual Panel of Women's Rights Activists, hosted by CW4WAfghan, October 2020

Peace, Power, and Purpose: A Journey Towards Women's Safety and Equality, hosted by Women for Afghan Women, October 2020

Watch for other upcoming events here. 



Post our messages to social media on December 10th. Use the hashtags #CeasefireNow  #NeverGoBack  #EducationIsARight 

Don't forget to tag us @CW4WAfghan (on Facebook an Twitter)/ @cw4wafghanistan (on Instagram)!


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