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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

DDL - Kankor Exam Preparation for girl students

Using the DD Library to Support Girls' Success in the Konkor Exam

As students in Afghanistan complete high school, those who wish to enroll in university write a national examination known as the Konkor. The pass rates of this exam are higher among male students than among females, and one reason is likely males are more likely to access preparatory classes in private institutions, as well as other means of support to prepare for the exam, that female have more limited access to. In response to this problem, The Asia Foundation conceptualized a project using a systematic, cost effective, sustainable, and geographically representative approach: Providing the opportunity for Kankor Exam preparation training to girl students by their own school teachers and during their regular study time. This activity will be launched in 300 schools across Afghanistan. In addition to supporting teachers to effectively prepare female students to pass the exam by focusing on the questions one might expect to be included in the exam, CW4WAfghan's Darakht-e Danesh Library will be mobilized to increase critical thinking and problem solving skills in teachers and students. The DD Library will make available a variety of learning materials, study guides, and interactive features that help students and teachers better grasp subject knowledge by engaging their thinking and analysis. Students in remote areas will access these tools from an offline version of the DD Library. DD Library team members will travel to the schools and support them to access and use this technology-enabled learning tool on site. Together, with the activities implemented by the Foundation and its other partners, it is anticipated that these efforts will result in a greater number of Afghan girls accessing higher education. 

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