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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan


In April 2012, CW4WAfghan has received approval to open a Aeroplan "BEYOND MILES" charitable pooling account. Those of you who support our work and have extra Aeroplan Miles are now able to transfer these miles to our charitable pooling account (523 114 130, registered as CW4WAfghan Calgary Chapter).

To transfer your Aeroplan Miles, please click HERE.

As you may know, over the past fifteen years, we have ensured that 100% of the donations we receive are used to support our projects in Afghanistan and we have not deducted a percentage for our overhead, operations and/or administration expenses for our work here in Canada. As a volunteer-based organization, our members work extremely hard to keep our overhead and operation expenses at a minimum by working from our homes, covering our own costs, using our own technology and other resources.

Through the use of donated AEROPLAN MILES, our volunteer members will be able to have some travel opportunities made available to them to attend conferences, to speak at community events in other cities, attend annual meetings and symposia, gather together for in-person board meetings, and many other types of opportunities that will greatly strengthen our work. The use of Aeroplan Miles will also open up more travel opportunities for our student volunteers, Afghan staff, Master Teacher Trainers, or Special Guest Speakers to participate in our many events held across Canada.

Thank you for your support (under Aeroplan terms and conditions, a minimum donation of 1,000 Aeroplan Miles is required.)


Please do check out the terms and conditions at the above link, including:

a) The Charitable Account is only able to accumulate Aeroplan Miles through donations from Aeroplan Members. 
b) All transfers of donated Aeroplan Miles are made without charge.
c) A minimum donation of 1,000 Aeroplan Miles is required. 
d) Once a donation transaction is completed by a Member, the transfer of the selected quantity of Aeroplan Miles to the designated charity/charitable initiative is final, and neither the charity/charitable initiative selected nor the quantity of Miles donated may be reversed or modified.
e) Tax receipts are not issued for donations of Aeroplan Miles.


Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan
PO Box 86016, Marda Loop, Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2T 6B7

t: 1 (403) 244-5625

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