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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

Fatema Tul Zahra Girls School


FTZ is a local community school in Kabul that serves young school-age girls who attend classes in one of two shifts each day from grades 1-12. At an average cost of $300 per student, CW4WAfghan donations provide: a safe building and classrooms; trained teachers who benefit from ongoing professional development; after school program instructors; learning resources and school notebooks and pencils; fuel for heat in winter; a growing library; a modern computer lab; a playground; and a learning garden. CW4WAfghan’s quality assurance staff support the school administration and work closely with the school to improve the quality of learning.


More than 400 young girls attend the FTZ school. They are from poor and disadvantaged families, internally displaced families, and single-parent households, or those at risk due to child labour. Students cannot afford to go to public school with the costs of uniforms and books, or they are unable to travel safely outside of their community to attend other schools.

Activities and Impact

The school is piloting education activities such as a new computer science curriculum, and other resources that will support the children to complete their studies and to secure viable livelihoods that will help them move out of poverty. There are 15 teachers in the morning and afternoon shifts, and 5 teachers providing after-school instruction.  A total of 280 of girls moved successfully up one grade in 2017. Both the Canadian Embassy, through Canada’s Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI), and the Rotary Club of Kabul have provided library books and resources. Students have attended the International Literacy Day events, and they had a field trip to the Museum of Science and Technology. The school kitchen was updated, including a much needed water purifier thanks to the Rotary Clubs of Kabul and Germany. A new successful coaching and mentoring component was introduced for FTZ teachers, where some of the experienced teachers were paired with junior or new teachers. In addition, a performance measurement framework was developed to begin to track progress and identify areas in need of improvement. Teachers were provided with a number of training sessions including Communicative Teaching Approaches, and Critical Thinking Workshops.

Mission Statement

The school staff met together with CW4WAfghan representatives to create their own MISSION STATEMENT (click here or below for DARI version):

Mission Statement
of the Fatema Tul Zahra School
Kabul, Afghanistan


Our core values at the Fatema Tul Zahra School 
are reflected in this statement of our mission and vision.


Our Vision of Education:

Education should be an engaging, meaningful, relevant and powerful experience of learning.
We strive to convey concepts to students such that students understand how to gain knowledge and to solve problems and become self-sufficient.
We foster creativity, innovation and invention. Our students are not stores of information but users of information.
We teach in a way that fosters curiosity and questioning, and we emphasize the development of critical thinking skills.
We encourage hands-on learning and exploration.
We work to build the self-confidence of students and celebrate their individuality.
Our students will be equipped with 21st century thinking and skills.
For us, education is about reducing poverty, illiteracy and ignorance, and building a future worth living in.
We see the development of the country’s future through the development of human capital.
We are committed to building a peaceful society.


Our School Environment:

We strive for the safe and fulfilling physical, emotional and psychological development of children.
We commit to provide an environment that enables students’ learning.
We will provide a safe and comfortable learning environment.
Our students are open to constructive criticism, and debate, discussion and brainstorming are always encouraged.


Our Moral Code:

Teachers should model the highest standard of responsible behaviour and good citizenship.
We will consistently and thoughtfully reflect on ourselves and our actions, in order to behave ethically and to always improve ourselves.
We wish to build strength of character and resilience among our students.
We expect our students should model the highest standards of good behaviour.
Sense of responsibility, civic awareness and practice good citizenship.
We value honesty and integrity.
We nurture in all students a strong work ethic.
Our goal is for our students to grow to become good moral decision makers.


ھدف نامۀ مکتب فاطمھ الزھرا (رح)

کابل، افغانستان

در این ھدف نامه

ارزش ھای اساسی و چشم انداز مکتب فاطمه الزھرا

به تحریر درآورده شده اند.

دیدگاه ما در مورد تعلیم و تربیه:

تعلیم و تربیه باید پرمحتوا، جالب، مرتبط به زندگی شاگردان و یک تجربۀ تاثیرگذار آموزشی باشد.

ما مفاھیم را به گونھ ای به شاگردان می آموزانیم که آنھا طریق اندوختن علم و حل کردن مشکلات را درک کنند و

متکی به خود شوند.

ما خلاقیت، نوآوری و سازندگی را تقویت می کنیم. شاگردان ما انبار معلومات نیستند، بلکه آنھا به شیوۀ درست از

معلومات استفاده می کنند.

ما به گونه ای آموزش می دھیم که حس کنجکاوی و پرسش را تقویت نماییم و مھارت ھای تفکر عمیق و انتقادی

را رشد دھیم.

ما آموزش تجربی و اکتشافی را تشویق می کنیم.

ما می کوشیم اعتماد به نفس شاگردان خود را بپروریم و فردیت شان را تجلیل کنیم.

شاگردان ما با مھارت ھا و تفکر قرن بیست و یکم مجھز خواھند بود.

به نظر ما، تعلیم و تربیه برای کاھش فقر، بی سوادی و جھل و ساختن آینده ای که ارزش زیستن را دارد، است. ما

توسعۀ آیندۀ مملکت را در توسعۀ سرمایۀ انسانی آن می بینیم.

ما به ساختن اجتماع صلح آمیز متعھد استیم.

محیط مکتب ما:

ما برای رشد فزیکی، عاطفی و روانی کودکان به شکل مطمین و عملی تلاش میورزیم.

ما تعھد می کنیم محیطی بسازیم که یادگیری شاگردان را ممکن بسازد.

ما یک محیط امن و راحت آموزشی را فراھم می کنیم.

شاگردان ما انتقاد سازنده را می پذیرند و برای مباحثه، گفتگو و تفکر ھمیشھ تشویق می شوند.

اصول اخلاقی ما:

معلمین باید الگوی بالاترین معیار ھای رفتار مسئولانه و شھروندی باشند.

ما به صورت مداوم و با سنجش در مورد خود و اعمال خود تامل می کنیم تا به صورت اخلاقمند رفتار نموده

ھمیشه خود را بھبود بخشیم.

ما مایل به ساختن شخصیت ھای قوی و انعطاف پذیر در میان شاگردان خود ھستیم.

ما از شاگردان خود انتظار داریم تا الگوی بالاترین معیار ھای اخلاق و رفتار خوب باشند.

حس مسئولیت، آگاھی مدنی و تمرین رفتار خوب شھروندی.

ما صداقت و راستکاری را ارج می نھیم.

ما در ھمه شاگردان خود اخلاق خوب کاری و سخت کوشی را می پرورانیم.

ھدف ما این است که شاگردان ما رشد کنند و تصمیم گیرنده ھای اخلاقمند و خوب شوند.

Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan
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