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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

Internet in Afghan Teacher Training Colleges

With Internet access, current and future educators in Afghanistan can develop their subject knowledge, discover new approaches and methods to teaching, design better lesson plans, find materials to use in the classroom, and access education research. Access to such information online will help teachers be more effective educators, meaning Afghan children will have better learning outcomes.

Investing in teachers' access to information is more important than ever today in Afghanistan. There, much progress has been made in improving children's access to education. There are more schools, more teacher colleges, and more female teachers than ever before in the country's history. But the quality of public education remains very low in many areas, especially outside of cities. Sometimes children are not learning to read and write at all, despite spending years in school. Teachers are often isolated from the resources they need to help them be better teachers. 

To change this, we want to harness the power of technology, and increase access to information and educational materials online by Afghan educators, as well as to our own local language collection of educational material, the Darakht-e Danesh (knowledge tree) digital library ( We are specifically targeting female student teachers at public Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs) in Afghanistan, the faculty of TTCs, and in-service teachers who use the services of TTCs, by facilitating access to the Internet in the computer labs at TTCs.

This work complements another area of our work, installing DDL Lite in TTC computer labs.

Highlights of Results

To support TTCs to gain Internet connectivity, CW4WAfghan has an agreement with the colleges and the Ministry of Education to cover the initial costs of Internet installation and Internet service for a period of 12 months with the Ministry of Education taking over the costs of monthly service in the next year’s budget, and thereafter. To date, we have connected 11 teacher training colleges (shown in red), while seven other colleges are running DDL Lite (shown in yellow), the offline version of the Darakht-e Danesh Library, off a local server. 

Thank you for support for this project from everyone who contributed to our 2018 Crowdfunding campaign, and 

Unifor Social Justice Fund

R.R. Smith Memorial Fund Foundation

 Canadian International Learning Foundation 


The Lantern Fund

It's hard to imagine our lives without the Internet. The means to satiate our curiosity is now so accessible, we take it for granted. But this is not the case in many parts of Afghanistan, where teachers - arguably those who need access to knowledge resources more than anyone else - are not yet benefiting from the information revolution. Thank you to our donors and supporters for helping us change this!


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