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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan


Calgary, AB Oct 26, 2013

The Canadian non-profit charity organization, Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan (CW4WAfghan) has announced its membership in a newly launched campaign called the Alliance in Support of the Afghan People (ASAP), which aims to preserve and protect gains made by the Afghan people since 2001.

The Canada-based charity, Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan (CW4WAfghan) has been given an opportunity to expand a unique literacy program thanks to generous new funding support from the Linda Norgrove Foundation (LNF), of Scotland, U.K.

CW4WAfghan Executive Director Janice Eisenhauer is encouraged by this expanding partnership between the two like-minded charities. “We share the same passion, commitment and goals towards universal human rights in Afghanistan,“ says Eisenhauer.

Victoria, B.C. – Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan (CW4WAfghan) welcomes the public of Greater Victoria to their 2013 Symposium, “Afghanistan Reads!” on Saturday, October 5, 2013 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa.

Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan (CW4WAfghan) is concerned with recent moves forward in pursuing negotiations with the Taliban, through means that are at odds with democratic process. We are opposed to any compromise on the rights of women and girls, and to any talks that exclude key stakeholders, like women, and which take place outside of a fully transparent and democratic framework.

Letter from Manizha on Taliban Talks in Doha

Dear Supporters,

As you know, the Taliban has opened an office in Doha, Qatar, and claims to want to negotiate a peaceful solution to the long war in Afghanistan.

Although we yearn for peace as much as you, Women for Afghan Women believes that far from achieving that goal, negotiating with the Taliban is the way to brutal repression.