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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

CONSULTANCY VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT: Reading Promotion & Library Capacity Development Specialist

CONSULTANCY VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT: Reading Promotion & Library Capacity Development Specialist



Eligibility: Open to Afghan nationals. Individuals, pairs or teams may apply. Contracts with individual consultants only; no firms.

Travel requirements: Travel to Takhar province

Terms: Part-time contract consultancy for three-year period (2017-2019) remunerated on the basis of a day rate in local currency to be negotiated

Desired contract start date: April 15, 2017

Estimated contract end date: March, 2019


As part of CW4WAfghan’s Afghanistan Lowalee!/Afghanistan Reads! program focused on community literacy and libraries, through a partnership with the Aga Khan Development Network for the Afghan Women’s Empowerment Project (AWEP) in Takhar province, CW4WAfghan invites applications from qualified individuals to join our team on a part-time consultancy contract over a three-year period, to support local literacy teachers to use libraries effectively to reinforce literacy in new adult readers, to promote reading for pleasure, to advocate family literacy, and to empower women through information and education.

Scope of Work

The successful applicant will be contracted to undertake several field visits to four districts of Takhar province. These visits will be to each one of 40 literacy classes (10 per district), over a three-year period. This will include covering two districts during 2017 (20 classes), one district during 2018 (10 classes), and one district during 2019 (10 classes). These are home-based literacy classes for females only, and thus it is required that the lead consultant is female who visits the classes is female, though teams including males may apply as long as the lead consultant is female. Travel costs are covered by CW4WAfghan. The successive visits to literacy classes should consist of the following schedule for each district:  

  • Visit # 1: Survey Phase Introductory meeting with the teacher, and explain plan; Apply survey to class to assess teacher skills  and literacy learners levels, facilities, books and other things that will impact selection of appropriate reading activities; review how to use the book circulation sign-out log, signage for the library, reading posters and book request list (for future acquisition); Provide the teacher a copy of the menu of reading activities to review in advance of Visit #2 and explain next steps for second visit.

  • Workshop Phase & Teachers Make Reading Activity Plan After all classes have been visited once, a training is held for all teachers from all districts to learn reading promotion activities and literacy outreach strategies. During this two-day training, the consultant provides the Reading Activities Form (provided by CW4WAfghan) to each teacher, reviews the Menu provided during Visit #1, and each teacher completes her  reading activities plan as ‘homework’ based on the results of survey for her location, using the work plan template provided by CW4WAfghan;

  • Visit # 2: Implementation Phase In this visit, the consultant meets with each teacher one-on-one and assists them to  finalize the reading activities plan that they learned about during the training and received the template for then. A main copy of the final plan is left with the teacher, and a photocopy made for CW4WAfghan from each location. Before leaving, the consultant ensures that the teacher is well informed and supported to run appropriate reading activities for her class of learners and their families in each location.

  • Visit # 3: Monitoring Phase The consultant returns for a third visit to each location to monitoring progress in applying the reading activities plan and to evaluate each teacher’s work to date – is the teacher running the activities according to the plan she developed and effectively engaging learners in fun literacy activities using the library books?; Retrain and work with teacher/librarian in each location if necessary; Determine whether the teacher needs further support, and if necessary, schedule a fourth visit to locations that need remedial support.

  • Prepare final narrative and financial report of work completed

Desired Qualifications and Experience:

  • University degree preferred;

  • Extensive background in literacy education;

  • Experience in the design and implementation of reading promotion activities;

  • Knowledge of librarianship and library management;

  • Familiarity with good practice in community library management;

  • Attributes of a good mentor or ‘coach’;

  • Excellent interpersonal skills, relationship and trust building skills with rural communities;

  • Results-oriented and ability to meet deadlines.

Instructions for Application:

Applications may be submitted in English or in Dari, and should consist of:

- A cover letter describing applicant’s (and/or team’s) relevant experience to the position, per the requirements above. The cover letter should be in the body of the email, and not an attached document.

- An up-to-date CV attached to the email for the consultant (and any additional team members).

- Put the position/vacancy name (Reading Promotion & Library Capacity Development Specialist) in the subject line of the email.

- Applications must include two reference names and referee contact information, within the CV or cover letter. Referees should include professional colleagues and former supervisors, and should not be relatives or friends of the applicant.

Applications that do not follow the above instructions will be automatically deleted.

All applications should be submitted by e-mail to:

Deadline for Applications: March 5, 2017

About Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan (CW4WAfghan) is a member-based charitable organization founded in 1996, with twelve volunteer chapters across Canada. Through their network in Canada, CW4WAfghan members believe that individuals, as global citizens, working in solidarity and with integrity of purpose and action, can affect positive change in the world through education and the promotion of social justice and human rights. The organization’s mission is: Canadians taking action, in partnership with Afghan women, towards improving conditions of human rights, ending women's oppression, and providing opportunities for Afghan women to live their lives with dignity, certainty and purpose. To learn more about our programs, visit:

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