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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

On International Women's Day, We Call for The Protection of Women's Rights in Afghanistan

On International Women's Day, We Call for The Protection of Women's Rights in Afghanistan

We are privileged to witness, on a daily basis, the courageous determination of Afghan women and girls to get an education. In our literacy classes, we watch women learning to read and write for the first time. At our school, we see mothers negotiating with family members to get their daughters in school. Through our scholarships we see young women making great sacrifices to be able to attend university. Through the Fanoos Teacher Education Program, we watch women lighting sparks in the classroom, getting girls excited about science and discovery. 

This International Women's Day, March 8, 2020, we look in wonder at all the progress women and girls in Afghanistan have made, and salute their courage and determination. At the same time, we hear their concerns that this incredible progress is at risk. On February 29, 2020, an agreement was signed between the Taliban and the United States Government. Neither party has stated unequivocally that the Constitution of Afghanistan, which denies discrimination on the basis of sex and guarantees women's and girls' right to education, work and other opportunities, will not be revised or replaced. US assurances have focused on emphasizing the importance of women's participation in a peace process rather than the protections of women's rights in the outcomes of a peace process, while Taliban statements have consistently been ambiguous on the question of women's freedoms and rights. 

Afghan women and girls paid a heavy price when they lost all rights and freedoms during the years of Taliban rule. Since then, they have demonstrated courage and persistent commitment to securing their rights and to building the conditions where their daughters can have better futures. The international community, including countries such as the US and Canada, have invested significantly in the efforts of Afghan women to transform their status in Afghan society. There is much at stake. And besides, it is the moral imperative of all UN member countries to uphold the basic human rights of women and girls, which are enshrined in international law. That is why a guarantee of the protection of rights and freedoms of women and girls must be a non-negotiable condition to all peace talks and their provisions. 

Today, March 8, 2020, we share a summary of our position on negotiations with the Taliban outlining key concerns and recommendations, as an update to our full position statement, released last IWD. Please read it, share it, and add your voice to those demanding better guarantees of the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan. 

View/download Never Go Back: Our Position on Negotiations With the Taliban

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