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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

Fact Sheets


The plight of Afghan women was thrust into the western media in 2001 as the Taliban retreated and it became more widely known that Afghan women and girls had been living within a political system that stripped them of all rights, a system that has sometimes been labeled “gender apartheid” or “gendercide”. Yet beyond the iconic image of women in burqas, still little of any depth is widely known outside of the country of the changing status of Afghan women. Afghan women hold many identities: in some cases they are victims of injustices, but in many cases they are also heroes, activists and agents of change. Afghan women have been leading social change in their country across many different sectors from education to political participation to health and this side of their story is often untold. It is a nuanced story, of both rapid social and political transformations that have occurred in the last decade as well as ongoing challenges in the struggle for women’s rights.

Our CW4WAfghan Fact Sheet Series itemized below provide snapshots of different issues Afghan women’s organizations have identified as priorities in their reform efforts. The fact sheets provide a brief overview of the topic to provide current information from a variety of sources. Please click on the title below to view or download each of the fact sheets. Our thanks to the team of volunteers who researched, wrote and/or edited the material: Elisa Pachecho, Jamie Banks, Jenna Sharpe, Lauryn Oates, Katrina Zacharewski, Madeliene Tarasick, Noorjahan Akbar, Barb Galeski, Janice Eisenhauer and Kimberly Pavelich.

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FACT SHEET SERIES - Education, Law, Health and Other (view or download below):

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