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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

Breaking Bread Dinners - Fundraising

Breaking Bread for Women in Afghanistan is a volunteer fundraising initiative to support education for Afghan women and girls wherein supporters hold pot luck dinners in their homes and communities across Canada. Over 1,400 Breaking Bread Dinners and events have been held all across Canada since 2002. Thanks to our generous donors and volunteers, over $8M has been raised from the dinners and from other fundraising activities and events by our members and supporters for our education programs in Afghanistan. 

Thank you to all of our Breaking Bread Hosts and Guests for your generous support. 

How Does Breaking Bread Work?

A original plan when this program began in 2002 was for a host to invite nine guests to join together for an enjoyable evening, each donating $75. The total of $750 raised in that one evening would cover the salary for an Afghan teacher for a whole year. Thankfully the situation is gradually improving and teacher's salaries have doubled in October 2009, so this amount of $750 will now pay the salary of a teacher in several of the community schools we support for at least six months. Funds are also used towards our LANTERN FUND: Teacher Training for Afghanistan Program and to provide school starter kits. Visit PROGRAM for more details on where the donor dollars are invested.

The Breaking Bread dinners have evolved over the past decade. Many hosts will plan to invite more guests and leave the donation amount up to the guest. Explain that the goal of each dinner or community event began with the aim to raise $750. All donations are very welcome!!

How will the money you raise be used?

As mentioned above, the Breaking Bread donations are allocated to training teachers under our Fanoos Teacher Training program and towards supporting urgently needed educational resources such as mini-libraries for schools and communities. Please visit our DONATE TODAY for an itemized list of many typical project expenses supported by Breaking Bread donations. 

Planning Your Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread meals can organized in all kinds of ways, from a simple meal among friends in a private home to larger events in the community, such as in a church hall, community centre, school or other venue. Many dinner hosts invite a speaker, screen a film, or hold a short presentation to give a formal part to the evening, while others plan activities or a theme for their meals. Here are some ideas drawn from Breaking Bread events that have taken place around the country, if you are looking for possible themes or activities for your dinner:

  • A group in Edmonton held a “Taste of Afghanistan” dinner where the preparation of Afghan dishes was demonstrated and guests could learn about common Afghan ingredients and then taste each of the dishes.
  •  Students have held birthday parties where instead of going to the movies, they watch a show together at home, make popcorn and cupcakes, and donate their gift money as a donation
  • Agnes in Vancouver, had a 80th birthday party inviting all her friends come and "bring whatever total of 80 you can afford...quarters, loonies, bills". Family and friends held the party on the front lawns of two homes of neighbors.
  • Frances, Barbara and Carole have two dinners each November at a small restaurant where they have arranged a reduced cost for a three course meal at about $35. Guests will donate $100 with the proceeds being a donation. If the guests can't make the first date, the organizers are quick to mention that a second dinner will be held two weeks later and then they sign them up. Friends come year after year and enjoy each others company, share their stories, enjoying a meal and at the same time contributing to basic rights for Afghan women and girls.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all our Breaking Bread organizers and participants for your fabulous, sustainable long-term support for programming in Afghanistan! It’s a beautiful story we are all writing together! Please share your stories and milestones with us for future news bulletins and Facebook by contacting  Don’t forget, we give our Breaking Bread hosts a complimentary membership in appreciation for your work!

For further information, please review the resources provided and call 403 244-5625 or email

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