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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

Library and Science Starter Kits - Fundraising

Library Card - Thank you Donors!Literacy thrives most when learners have access to reading material. Yet, schools often lack even textbooks and rarely have anything resembling a school library. The public library system in the country has been decimated, and most books found in Afghanistan are imported. We have been working to provide access to books in conjunction with literacy classes in communities that have requested our support under our Afghanistan Reads! Community Libraries and Literacy Program.

In addition, towards our goal of implementing hands-on learning experiences for the students and teachers involved in our Lantern/Fanoos Teacher Training Program, CW4WAfghan provides small science lab starter kits for many of the schools in our training program. For most schools this is the first time they have had such items, and we hope these resources will be a foundation to build upon. The Mini Science Lab Starter Kits include resources such as skeletons, magnifying glasses, charts, chemicals, models, beakers, prisms, etc. Please click here to learn more about these programs.

Thanks to the generous support of CW4WAfghan members and donors across Canada, financial resources are being made available to purchase and distribute hundreds of mini-libraries and science kits in the rural communities in Afghanistan. Through active learning, hundreds of thousands of children will have the opportunity to learn and acquire the knowledge and life skills that will enable them to help shape the future of their country — the kind of Afghanistan in which they want to live, work and raise their own families.

It is hoped that continued donor funding will allow CW4WAfghan to expand these school starter kits to over 50 schools and community locations each year.


Please make a donation to sustain and expand this program. Your donation will help to supply these school library and science lab starter its into hundreds of locations throughout Afghanistan. It costs $1,500 for a library starter kit, and $1,000 for a science starter kit.

CW4WAfghan wishes to recognize your continued support. If you would like to have your donation acknowledged IN YOUR NAME and/or as A GIFT DONATION towards a starter kit, please email (Due to F.O.I.P. confidentiality rules if you do not wish your donation to be made public, please advise).

Thank you to all of our generous donors of library kits since 2008, including:

CW4WAfghan Members
Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives (Kabul)
USAID and The Linda Norgrove Foundation
Rotary Clubs of Calgary and Canmore, AB
Bridge Street United Church Foundation
Boomers Trust (2012)
Alberta Government - Community Spirit Program
Sally Armstrong
CIDA (2010)

"The same human species capable of horrendous acts of cruelty and destruction also created libraries, which are pure kindness, dignity and beauty. To have access to a library is to have access to all the thoughts and dreams of everyone who ever lived. A library tells us that we are not alone and never have been.”

Deborah Ellis,
Governor General award winning author
Long-time Member of CW4WAfghan

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