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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

Volunteer Membership

Thank you for your interest in becoming involved with our network in Canada. The heart of CW4WAfghan is the commitment of every volunteer member across the country. Canadians do foster change in the world. Be a part of the global effort for justice and human rights.

Individual Member

The first and simplest way to show your support for CW4WAfghan is to become a member. There is no membership fee and no need to renew annually. Simply signup by subscribing to our contact list here. This will ensure you receive our e-newsletter and other communications (which are not too frequent, we promise!).

CW4WAfghan Chapter Membership

Many members across Canada participate in a local CW4WAfghan chapter. Chapters are groups of individuals who come together regularly--usually one a month or less-- to organize both awareness-raising and fundraising activities in support of CW4WAfghan. All welcome new members. To connect with the chapter nearest you, or start a chapter in your community, visit the Contact Us page of our website.

Victoria Chapter members at their annual Afghan Spring event.

You may also be interested to attend a chapter organized event and get on a chapter mailing list, or organize your own event, even if you’re not interested in being a regular chapter member. Check back often on our Calendar of Events to participate and help with local activities. Also, each year we hold an annual symposium to draw together our volunteers, supporters and members from across the country. Together, with expert speakers, we explore and learn more about what we can do to help advance the human right to education in Afghanistan and support the empowerment of women and girls.


Become a Breaking Bread Host

Breaking Bread events are potluck dinners held as fundraisers to support CW4WAfghan-- and are one of our key sources of revenue to sustain programs benefiting Afghan women and girls. We rely entirely on the generosity of people who choose to host these dinners. Learn more here.

Try Out Hosting: Hosting a Breaking Bread is as easy as inviting your favourite people over for dinner, but even easier, because you don’t have to cook for everyone! That’s the beauty of the potluck: everyone brings food and breaks bread together. Only this time, you’re breaking bread for Afghan women.

You might also want to consider Co-Hosting: for instance, one host makes their home available while the other organizes invitations and food. Co-hosting means bringing two people’s networks together, plus sharing the cleanup!

Friends in Halifax host an annual wine and dessert breaking bread.

Held your first Breaking Bread, raised enough money to buy a library in Afghanistan and had a great experience? Do it again! Become an Annual Host and a sustaining contributor. Many annual hosts find that their guests love coming back every year, looking forward to the dinner all year and the chance to reconnect with others who share the special Breaking Bread experience together.



CW4WAfghan Champions

We thrive thanks to the dedicated members who feel passionate about human rights for women and girls in Afghanistan. Many CW4WAfghan members use their own ideas, skills and talents to plan and manage independent initiatives, and tapping into their own networks of supporters. Here are some of our champions who manage their own individual initiatives in support of CW4WAfghan.

Anne Cameron: CW4WAfghan’s “Official” Belly Dancer

Anne Cameron leads a belly dance workshop at least once a week, with all proceeds donated to CW4WAfghan. She says it is “like throwing a party where you don’t have to cook or clean because your guests do it for you!” Anne has transformed her passion and talent for belly dancing into a way to raise funds and friends for women and girls in Afghanistan, raising almost $40,700 over the years, one class at a time!

Pottery for Peace and Artist Cheryl Couture Farkhunda Henna Artistry

Cheryl Couture is a Canadian potter based in Campbell River, BC and the founder of Pottery for Peace, which produces a wide variety of beautiful handmade ceramics, from mugs and plates to lanterns and jewelry, selling to local shops, at craft fairs and farmers markets, on Etsy, and to CW4WAfghan chapters in the case of our custom made “Knowledge Tree” mug series and CW4WAfghan lanterns. Cheryl donates 20% of all her sales to CW4WAfghan and reached the incredible milestone of $10,000 in 2018!. These generous donations help make education accessible to women and girls on the other side of the world, where Cheryl’s husband once served in the Canadian Forces as a captain in Kandahar. For more on Pottery for Peace, visit here.

Farkhunda Niazi is a henna artist based in Calgary, Alberta. She has been volunteering with CW4WAfghan since 2017. She applies henna for guests at various Breaking Bread dinners, donating 100% of the funds raised. She also volunteers with other non-for-profit organizations where she voluntarily applies henna for the elderly such as Focus on Seniors, a non-profit in Calgary. Farkhunda says, “I was one of the hundreds of thousands of girls across Afghanistan who were banned from attending school and receiving an education during the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. I and my sister were forced to attend underground schools. CW4WAfghan is close to my heart and it is an honour for me to be able to contribute to achieving its goals and mission that continues to open doors of opportunities for women through its effective long-term sustainable education programs for women in various regions in Afghanistan.”

Do you have a special talent that you want to put at the service of CW4WAfghan? Want to discuss a unique idea for supporting us? Get in touch and let’s talk!


Are you searching for a way to lend a hand? We might have a role that suits YOUR expertise, talents and time available! We are currently looking for a volunteer graphic designer and members interested in joining our Public Engagement and Fund Development Committees; Volunteer Translators are always needed in Dari, Pashto, Uzbeki and other Afghan languages (for more information, click here); and there are many more opportunities. Talk to us about other specific volunteer tasks depending on your interests, skills and time available as a member of CW4WAfghan. 

For further information, email

Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan
PO Box 86016, Marda Loop, Calgary, Alberta
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t: 1 (403) 244-5625

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