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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan


“If our government is serious about ending the misuse of women’s rights, they have to stop the continuous sexual abuse of women in female prisons throughout Afghanistan. If we women had any confidence in the ability of the government to protect us I would have not come to this women’s shelter but would have gone to them in the first place. Instead, I was made to sit in a police station for half an hour and was accused of every possible crime by the police after I escaped home.”

Our CW4WAfghan network have been strong supporters of ACCC since inception of this school. We ask any members within our network who can offer any help to spread the word or make connections with possible sources of funding, please advise. This is an extremely worthwhile project that needs our support as Canadians.

Janice Eisenhauer
Executive Director, CW4WAfghan

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By Paul Watson Star Columnist

by Deborah Alexander

Girls are going to school in Afghanistan-more and more each year. Having more teachers has helped. A program called Excel-erate, started by Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan has trained 1554 rural teachers from communities north of Kabul. Two thousand more await their turn for this training.

Reading his Oct. 23 New York Times column from Kabul, I was appalled at journalist Nicholas Kristof's naivete when it comes to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Kristof, author of Half the Sky and often identified as a proponent for women's empowerment, argues for a reduction of American troops in Afghanistan and for a peace deal with the Taliban.

In seeking to convince himself that this turn of events will not be harmful to Afghan women, he optimistically provides some astoundingly slim anecdotal evidence to convince us that the Taliban are really not so bad.

Women of Afghanistan, it is time to go to the barricades.

Now is the hour to claim your rights. Negotiations are under way in earnest; the Taliban are at the table, so are the warlords and bandits, tribal elders and the president. There’s not a woman in sight. Yet everyone knows you are the ones who can yank Afghanistan into the 21st century.

Sacrificing women's rights to secure peace will leave us back where we were 10 years ago
Wazhma Frogh, June 23, 2010


A gala performance and auction on April 17 is designed to continue the formidable fundraising capacity of Little Women for Little Women in Afghanistan, with all proceeds helping them to keep their promise to young girls of Afghanistan.

During the fall of 2009, two consultants from SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise) from Okanagan College, Kelowna conducted a series of workshops for the Little Women who wanted to be part of the LW Speakers’ Bureau. This project involved training Little Women in public speaking and then allowing them to reach out from our local community to our national and global community. The Little Women involved in the speakers’ bureau are now able participate more effectively at school and community events and host workshops across the country to engage and educate youth.

KABUL (Reuters) - Afghan women's activists praised President Hamid Karzai on Tuesday for nominating a record three women to his cabinet, and said it was now less likely that women's rights would be hurt by negotiations with the Taliban.

Two-thirds of ministers originally proposed by Karzai for his new cabinet were rejected by parliament last month, forcing him to re-write his list, which now contains three female nominees.


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