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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

Anti-Corruption Policy

Corruption is rampant in Afghanistan and is deeply corrosive to the countryʼs peacebuilding effort. Corruption is at the heart of weak governance and profoundly destabilizes the rule of law and citizensʼ trust in the government.

In the absence of a justice system in Afghanistan that can effectively prevent and prosecute corruption, we encourage Afghan citizens and our own partners to take the courageous step of publicly disclosing incidents of corruption, whether anonymously or otherwise, including through the Afghan and international media.

At CW4WAfghan, we want to see Afghanistan thrive in a state where basic human rights are upheld, including the right to basic accountability from government, business and civil society. For that reason, we have a 0 tolerance policy towards corruption. The following is included in this policy:

i.    We will not accept or pay bribes in cash or in kind to any person(s) or organization;

ii.    Any acts of corruption witnessed by CW4WAfghan employees or volunteers will be carefully documented, recorded and kept on file;

iii.    If we identify an incident of corruption occurring, our staff and volunteers are required to report it to our Board of Directors who will determine what action will be taken following any discovery and confirmation of credible evidence and corroboration of the incident. Action may include civil or criminal prosecution and/or public disclosure of the concerned individual(s) in the media;

iv.    We will not include as beneficiaries any person not actually participating in a program, such as officials who ask to receive transportation stipends for a training workshop without actually attending the training workshop;

v.    We will not provide services or undertake to work in jurisdictions where there is credible evidence of corruption occurring and we will not collaborate with any individual(s) or organization known to be participating in corrupt practices;

vi.    Any CW4WAfghan employee who is proven to have taken part in corruption will be dismissed from their position, and legal action may be pursued against them;

vii.    We will not partner with any organization which has been proven to have taken part in corruption and will discontinue any existing partnership with any organization proven to have taken part in corruption whether within the scope of a CW4WAfghan project or otherwise; and we will communicate such proof to others, such as donors and other partners;

viii.    We encourage our partners to report to CW4WAfghanʼs Country Office in Kabul or to our National Office in Canada any experiences they have confronting corrupt practices in the course of carrying out CW4WAfghan-funded projects, such as dealing with the solicitation of bribes from government officials or deliberate delays from government bodies designed to elicit the payment of bribes, being asked to hire individuals or contract services based on patronage rather than on merit or cost efficiency, or any other forms of corruption. The source of all reports will be kept strictly confidential and CW4WAfghan will not make any person or organization reporting an offense vulnerable by disclosing the claim without prior permission. Reports can be submitted to: with ATTN to: Projects Director, CW4WAfghan;

ix.    We strongly encourage our partner organizations to undergo external annual audits from reputable companies. Audits are useful tools with which to demonstrate accountability to current and potential donors.

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