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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

Building the Capacity of Leadership in the Teacher Education System

Why Leadership?

The quality of school administration and teaching has lagged behind the progress in numbers, with a deleterious effect on the quality of teaching and learning outcomes, threatening the many gains made in strengthening education in Afghanistan. Administrators typically do not have professional experience in teaching or administration, and many are appointed through patronage rather than merit. Many school administrators see themselves as bureaucrats, and not as leaders. The Afghan Government is cognizant of this problem and the country’s current National Education Strategic Plan, NESP III, identifies as a priority strengthening the capacity and role of administrators, noting that approximately 3000 principals should receive training each year from 2017 to 2021. 

How We Help

Strong leadership of education systems helps foster environments that emphasize accountability, and which help to motivate teachers to strengthen their performance and improve their practice.

CW4WAfghan works directly with school administrators and principals to improve their motivation and skills so that they become game-changers for their schools. We do this through several areas of activity, including direct training for school leaders, coaching, joint monitoring visits, and working towards the development of a School Administrator Competency Framework that is accompanied by the creation of a compendium of templates, checklists, matrices and tools for principals to easily implement the Framework. Our school leaders’ training curriculum is rooted in principles of critical thinking and self-reflection aimed at developing a sense of personal agency. In 2021, we will be working to develop an e-learning training for school leaders, so as to be accessible to administrators all areas of the country.

Having trained nearly 10,000 in-service teachers over the past decade, CW4WAfghan is intimately acquainted with the need for educators and administrators to transform their own view of their roles within the education system, and to recognize the impact they are capable of making on teacher performance. We currently carry out this work through the Educational Leadership Cluster of our Fanoos Program, supported by The Lantern Fund, and through the Gender Equity in Teacher Training (GETT) project, funded by the Government of Canada.

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