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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

School and Community Library Starter Kits

In 2018, ​CW4WAfghan’s goal is to equip a number of schools in Herat Province with Starter Library Kits and Science Labs. Donations are greatly appreciated: Donate Today!

SCHOOL STARTER KITS ($2,500/school):

There are a number of schools from our Fanoos Teacher Education program in Herat province on a wait list for school starter kits. These kits each include a science lab starter kit and a library.  For most schools this is the first time they have had such items and we hope these resources will be a foundation to build upon. The kits are part of our commitment to support active learning methods in classrooms and to provide hands-on learning experiences for students. All schools and community libraries are also given Kit Orientation Workshop Sessions on how to use, care for and sustain these resources. 


CW4WAfghan is working to provide access to books in rural communities in conjunction with our teacher training and literacy programs. These libraries will introduce the habit of reading for pleasure among students and expose their families to books when borrowers bring books home into their households. In districts where CW4WAfghan has trained in-service teachers, over 230 schools have been equipped with School Library Starter Kits. 

CW4WAfghan provides small local language libraries to not only community high schools, but also for community members and women's organizations. These libraries contain high quality books for new readers on a variety of topics, from animal husbandry to history to poetry. The books are in Dari and Pashto and are printed in Afghanistan. This is unique in a country largely lacking a local publishing industry, and where access to reading material is extremely limited, especially in rural areas. Approximately 500 volumes are placed in a portable shelving unit, with a catalogue and sign-out book included. CW4WAfghan also delivers orientation workshops for the schools in how to use the libraries. For the orientation, we work with a local organization called Afghanistan Book House (ABH), which specializes in librarianship training. We have partnered with ABH on several previous occasions to train teachers in two courses: (1) Basic Librarianship and (2) Reading Promotion. CW4WAfghan carries out ongoing monitoring of the schools and provides continued support to the schools in maximizing use of their first school libraries.

The libraries will:

- Provide access to reading material for secondary school students
- Enhance literacy skills with increased opportunity for personal reading
- Enhance student knowledge
- Introduce the habit of reading for pleasure among students
- Expose students' families to books when borrowers bring books home into their households
- Allow teachers to more easily promote reading within their teaching practice and to apply active learning methodology in their engagement with students.


This project was completed in 2016. Under our FANOOS/Lantern Fund Teacher Training for Afghanistan Program, CW4WAfghan teacher trainers were working with in-service teacher trainees who had little formal teacher training and often only a maximum of a grade 12 education. The school principals, teachers, trainers and heads of the Departments of Education in the districts of our training have been requesting more science focus in our training. Schools within this program are provided with a mini science lab containing 130 items, from microscopes to anatomy models and the kits are made accessible in the classrooms. In districts where CW4WAfghan has trained in-service teachers, over 222 schools have been equipped with Science Lab Starter Kits. With the proper training and care these resources will provide many years of hands-on science learning and activities in the schools. 

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