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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan


We invite Canadians to join us in our work advancing education and advocating for women and girls in Afghanistan. One way that some members choose to contribute to achieving our goals is by joining or forming a chapter. Today, there are ten chapters that make up our network across Canada.


What is the CW4WAfghan Network?

CW4WAfghan members are united by shared values as global citizens, and work to advance our goals in Afghanistan by advocating for equitable access to quality education and for the protection of the basic human rights of women and girls in Afghanistan. Our chapters, members, volunteers and supporters work together to raise funds for education programing in Afghanistan, and to engage Canadians in this endeavour. This can be done through membership with CW4WAfghan as a starting point, through individual activism, by being part of the community of Breaking Bread hosts, by joining a chapter, and through other options for engagement.

Why join the CW4WAfghan Network?

CW4WAfghan supporters use their skills, talents and commitments to make crucial contributions to CW4WAfghan’s success. Being part of our network is an opportunity to act on your passion for improving conditions of human rights, ending women's oppression and providing opportunities for Afghan women to live lives imbued with dignity, certainty and purpose. Join us to help ensure effective long-term sustainable education programs for Afghan women and their families.

What is a CW4WAfghan Chapter?

A local Chapter of CW4WAfghan is a legal office, branch or arm of the overall CW4WAfghan network. Chapters are unincorporated legal entities and as such are the responsibility of the registered legal entity, the National Office of CW4WAfghan, under the direction and control of its National elected board of directors. A member of CW4WAfghan may put forward an application to become a formal local chapter of the CW4WAfghan network in their community. Chapters can be established in any city or town, or even in a neighbourhood, on a campus, or within an institution, where people are interested to work together as a group to undertake activities in support of CW4WAfghan.

What are the Obligations of a Chapter?

Becoming a formal chapter of the CW4WAfghan Membership Network involves adhering to the Chapter Charter, which allows us to ensure chapters comply with our obligations as a legal registered charity operating under the Charities Act of the Government of Canada. Under our by-laws, “the Board of Directors may accept applications for chapter status and if approved, a Chapter Charter shall govern how chapters operate. This Chapter Charter is established and updated as required by the Board of Directors.” A Chapter Charter sets out the specific requirements for chapter governance and operations. Chapters will be granted a charter upon approval by the Board of Directors.

How Can Someone Start a new CW4WAfghan Chapter?

We welcome hearing from anyone thinking about starting a chapter in their community. Reach out to our Community Engagement Coordinator, if you decide to proceed, you’ll be invited to submit an application to start a new chapter.

How are Chapters Structured?

Most chapters have roles such as a Chair or co-chair, treasurer and secretary. Others have individuals tasked with specific activities, such as Outreach Coordinator, Meetings Coordinator, Events Coordinator, or Communications Coordinator. The structure of a chapter is up to those involved and based on what works for their members. Of course, in the beginning, there might be a very small number of people, and everyone shares tasks, before a chapter structure becomes more formalized as it grows and matures. 

What are the Activities of a CW4WAfghan Chapter?

Chapter members work together to promote the purposes of the organization, and to undertake any of the following: enhance volunteer involvement, undertake public engagement and education, and fundraising. When Chapters raise funds, these are directed to CW4WAfghan’s National Office for programs in Afghanistan. Chapters engage in a wide variety of activities depending on the interests of their members and what makes sense in their communities. Examples include organizing and hosting fundraising events, holding regular chapter meetings, hosting film nights, encouraging dialogue in communities through presentations for schools and community groups, promoting the Breaking Bread fundraising program, or hosting Afghan marketplaces (the sale of goods at events), among many others. Some chapters devote their energy to one major fundraising event a year, while others engage in many different activities, or host a series of small events which may be for other fundraising or awareness raising purposes.

Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan
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