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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

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Author Deborah Ellis has provided teacher Study Guides for her novels on Afghanistan. Click HERE to learn more.

Within our CW4WAfghan membership network we have seen an incredible amount of support from educators and youth/students over many years through the breaking bread program. There are unique ideas and activities being created every day in the classroom that support and enhance the existing curriculum focussing on universal human rights, global citizenship and social justice. Through awareness raising and a deeper understanding of these global issues, the Canadian students are well positioned to help in raising funds to further the education of same-aged students in rural Afghanistan where access to education--particularly for girls--is very limited.

Schools from all across Canada have done some amazing things often profiled in our newsletters and on our TABLE TALK section of the website for Breaking Bread so others can get ideas from these unique and inspiring events.

Thank you to Sheila Zanyk for providing the sample lesson activities to share with other educators, download here or below:Upper Grand District

"I am a Special Education Teacher in charge of a unique Enrichment Program for bright and gifted students. Recently, I worked with fifteen of my female students in grades 4, 5 and 6 to put a twist on the CW4WA Breaking Bread fundraiser with a Mother/Daughter/Sister/Aunt/Cousin/Friend Tea Party.Inspired by what they learned about the difficulties of being a girl or young woman in Afghanistan, my students organized, promoted, and executed their two-hour evening event held this past February 23, 2012...

In addition to serving tea and their homemade baking, the girls sang, played the piano, danced, and performed a Reader’s Theatre production of four excerpts from Deborah Ellis’ books The Breadwinner and Parvana’s Journey. Working on this special project was a wonderful occasion for my students to learn about the world we live in and to offer something of their fortunate, opportunity-rich lives back to some of the schoolgirls in Afghanistan, a world away.”  Sheila Zanyk, Special Education Teacher Upper Grand District School Board Enrichment Program

Other examples include:

  • hosting a Breaking Bread annual event: High school students "Students 4 Change" in Airdire Alberta who host an annual Breaking Bread on International Women's Day each year: 2014 was their 11th year! Students organize a silent auction with support from their community, two young women are hired to do hennas during the evening with part of the fee coming back to CW4WAfghan; parents and students bring in delicous food, the student create plays and musical performances, and so on. Their high school teacher, Glyn Hughes from Calgary has been instrumental in bringing forward the efforts of the Students 4 Change throughout his working career. He is honoured with a number of awards for his abilities to engage students as global citizens.
  • place a coin jar for the year in the foyer
  • bake sales
  • group of school girls made bracelets which they sold at the school's fun fair;
  • two grade 6 boys took the lead and had fun fairs throughout the year, raising $750;
  • students hosted a drama night/music night/readings from The Breadwinner... and charges admission;
  • speakers not only for the classroom but for an evening event, inviting parents and community and charging a small admission for refreshments, etc.
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