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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

2017 Champions of Education in Afghanistan

2017 Champions of Education in Afghanistan

Congratulations to Deborah Alexander and Irene MacDonald!

CW4WAfghan is proud to announce that Deborah Alexander and Irene MacDonald are this year's Champions of Education in Afghanistan!

Says Madeliene Tarasick, CW4WAfghan Board President, "Once a year, Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan takes the opportunity to recognize outstanding service to the girls and women in Afghanistan by presenting the Champion for Education Award. It was our great honour and privilege this year to present the award to two outstanding champions, Deborah Alexander and  Irene MacDonald. Let me share a little history: from 2008 to 2011, CW4WAfghan engaged in extensive teacher training, with the generous support of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). The program was a striking success and resulted in greatly increased pedagogical skills for 3,000 teachers, directly improving the educational quality for a legion of students. While the funding was exhausted, the enthusiasm and need for teacher training was not. That's when our two wonder women stepped in, launching The Lantern Fund Campaign, with the goal of raising close to two million dollars in order to train 1,000 teachers per year until 2018. Under the leadership of Irene and Deborah, and with their years of hard work and dedication, this massive campaign not only reached its target, but it did so ahead of time. Congratulations to our most worthy and remarkable recipients!"  

Says Janice Eisenhauer, CW4WAfghan Executive Director, "Irene and Deborah, your leadership as co-chairs of The Lantern Fund has given the gift of incredible hope and inspiration to all of us—here in Canada and Afghanistan. With heartfelt gratitude and our most sincere thanks from all CW4WAfghan members and our Afghan participants!"

Deborah and Irene (above middle and flanked by Janice Eisenhauer, left, and Madeliene Tarasick, right) have also provided many years of dedicated service on the CW4WAfghan Board of Directors.

The annual Champion for Education in Afghanistan Award recognizes individuals who have given outstanding service to the cause of supporting education for girls or women in Afghanistan. The Award celebrates the many unsung heroes who have demonstrated a personal commitment to the human right to education. These inspiring role models help to spotlight the challenges and opportunities for women and girls pursuing education against great odds. 

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