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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

CW4WAfghan Calls For Protection Of All Women From Violence

CW4WAfghan Calls For Protection Of All Women From Violence

CW4WAfghan Calls for Protection of All Women From Violence
and Justice for Takhar Survivor of Mob Attack

In December, a woman in Takhar province was brutally and publicly assaulted by a mob of men, which included her father-in-law and other male relatives, attacking her with “heavy blows to her head, back, arms, and shoulders by multiple stick-wielding men,” according to one news report. The organized attack was reportedly because she had been accused of being alone with a man who was not her husband. The attack was recorded on video and has been circulating on the Internet.

So-called informal “justice” systems are known to make women and girls in Afghanistan vulnerable to violence, as they mete out arbitrary punishments for “moral crimes.” The Government of Afghanistan has a responsibility, having ratified relevant international law that prohibits such abuses, to prosecute the perpetrators of such crimes, as well as to take measures to prevent them from happening in the first place. But progress has been too slow.

This is a deplorable violation of human rights, an assault on the dignity of a human being, and an indication that women in many parts of the country are still subject to the rule of illegal informal justice systems that grossly threaten their safety, and sometimes take their lives. CW4WAfghan vehemently condemns this attack. We welcome news that some of the alleged perpetrators have been arrested, but we call for urgent action on the part of the Afghan Government to strengthen the rule of law and take specific and robust measures to protect women from such violence in all parts of the country.

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