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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

Happy Holidays From Our Family to Yours

Happy Holidays From Our Family to Yours

Greetings CW4WAfghan Family!  

As I reflect on the past year, I continue to be astonished, time and time again, by what this community of members, volunteers, donors, and collaborators is doing each and every day to provide so much for girls in Afghanistan.

For me, your kindness is the truest meaning of this holiday season. This simple generosity of spirit and deed that has such a profound impact. I hope you know just how much your caring changes things.

Our great friend, author and activist Deborah Ellis, once said, "I’ve been frequently astonished at how easy it is to radically improve someone’s life. It’s an honour to be a part of it.”

Yes, it is.  And it is an honour to be part of it with you. 

I wish you the joy and happiness in your own lives that you have created in the lives of so many others.

Best wishes,

Madeliene Tarasick

CW4WAfghan Board of Directors


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