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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

Introducing "Recipes from the Women of Takhar"

Introducing "Recipes from the Women of Takhar"

The Afghanistan Reads! Program and the Afghan Women's Empowerment Program (AWEP) are excited to announce publication of

Recipes from the Women of Takhar

Murwarid, Ziayee, CW4WAfghan Senior Director, shares the background of this project:

"In our Afghanistan Reads! Community Libraries, Literacy and Books Program, we always wanted to connect literacy learners with others outside of their small communities--to show the world how literacy is important for changing women’s lives and how much of a positive impact reading and writing skills have in their lives. We also wanted to help these outstanding women to realize the impact of their literacy skills, to build their confidence and to appreciate their commitment in learning, regardless of their age or their social and economic status. 

Fulfilling these goals was the inspiration for Recipes from the Women of Takhar, a means not only to share their unique local recipes but also the first time these recipes have been written down, and by them!

Each woman contributing in the recipe book has invested so much time and effort to follow the format, list the ingredients, write down each step and complete the recipe. It wasn’t just a text, it was a direction to describe how they make their favourite dishes to a new audience! A true labour of love!

These courageous women come from very remote villages where they were born and live, and most likely have never had the opportunity to see other parts of the world. But now their stories and recipes have made their journey a long distance to you and into the lives of Canadian families. What a perfect way to make this connection!"   

The English recipe book includes a selection of 10 of the 50 recipes that were published in the Dari version in Afghanistan.

For a hardcopy contact your local chapter or email community@cw4wafghan or download a copy HERE.

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