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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

Statement in Response to Attack on Kabul University

Statement in Response to Attack on Kabul University

Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan is outraged, shocked and saddened by the attack this morning on students, faculty and visitors at Kabul University which claimed 22 lives and left many others seriously injured. Our thoughts are with colleagues and students within the University community as well as with the many families who lost loved ones in this unspeakable attack. We join the people of Afghanistan in their day of mourning, and stand with them in loudly calling for a complete ceasefire amid escalating violence.

As an organization whose very mission is to ensure access to quality education at all levels, specifically for the women and girls of Afghanistan, CW4WAfghan is extremely troubled by the recent increase in overall violence, and particularly in targeted attacks on places of learning. These attacks are clearly designed to strike fear among students who are exercising their human right to education, and to squelch their dreams of a free, democratic and peaceful Afghanistan.

This most recent attack comes less than two weeks after an attack on an education centre in Kabul in which students in their teens were also killed. Children and young people in Afghanistan have the right to expect that their schools and classrooms will be places of safety and peace which support their human and intellectual development. Universities represent not only places of learning, but institutions where human development, critical thinking and the formation of robust civil society can flourish, and it is exactly these things which the perpetrators of this atrocity wish to see eradicated. 

Afghanistan has made many impressive advances in improving access to education for its population, particularly girls and women in the past two decades of its post-Taliban fledgling democracy. At this time, when the need to stand up and fight for the preservation of these gains is pressing in the face of repeated threats, CW4WAfghan remains firm in our commitment to ensuring quality, accessible and safe education for everyone, including women and girls, across the country, as a means to achieving long term peace. We express our deepest condolences to all those families who lost loved ones in today’s senseless attack, as well as in last month’s attack. We remain resolute in our belief that education is a right, and we will continue to advocate for and provide educational opportunities for the most marginalized and vulnerable in Afghanistan.

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