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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee

The Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee is an association of Canadians from all walks of life who are united in a commitment to the principle that as Canadians, we must honour our obligations to the cause of solidarity with the people of Afghanistan.

Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee Principles:

  • We support international and Canadian intervention in Afghanistan with the aim of ending the violence of all illegal armed groups, alleviating poverty, and supporting Afghans’ struggles for peace, justice, and stability.
  • We support the UN-sanctioned mission in Afghanistan, the NATO-led International Assistance Force to Afghanistan (ISAF) and call for the continuation of a robust military engagement in which Canada participates.
  • We recognize that human rights are universal, and not culture-specific, and we are listening to the demands of Afghans for human rights, the protection of women’s fledgling rights, and the desire for a democratic system of governance.
  • We call for Canadian politicians, party leaders, members of parliament, opinion-makers, the media, and all Canadians to pay attention to Afghan public opinion, and to make room for Afghans to participate in our discussions, debates, panels and presentations on the subject of the Canadian military in Afghanistan.
  • We encourage all Canadians to expand their knowledge of Afghanistan, its people, culture, history, and past conflicts; and to support humanitarian and development projects which meet the needs of Afghan civilians.
  • We confront the misapprehension that Canada's role in Afghanistan is simply the function of an alliance with the United States of America. This misapprehension has severely inhibited the vigorous and necessary debate Canadians must have about what our policy options can and should be, and is a blatant misrepresentation of Canada's purposes and objectives in Afghanistan.

Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan
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