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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

For Canadian Educators

Understanding Human Rights in Afghanistan

Adapted for Grades 4 to 12, this Educators’ Human Rights Resource reflects provincial Social Studies curricula. Focusing on Afghan women and their families, the resource kit challenges Canadian students to recognize their roles and responsibilities for securing and protecting the rights of women and children worldwide.

The resource includes an information guide, colour images, student worksheets, suggestions for a question and answer session, an interactive role-playing game and resource booklet.

Afghanistan has experienced tremendous school enrolment rates since 2001, the highest in the history of Afghanistan. This is particularly true for the enrolment rates of girls in primary grades. Despite this, girls lag behind the boys in overall school enrolment.

The primary school completion is far from certain and school drop-out rates continue to be high. The availability and accessibility of schools, as well as the safety of students, teachers and school infrastructure needs to be addressed to ensure that the highest possible numbers of children attain the basic level of education guaranteed by the Afghan Constitution.

Afghanistan faces the challenge of not having an adequate number of skilled teachers able to keep up with the enrolment rates, thus compromising the quality of education provided. Recruiting new and retaining current teachers presents a challenge and no effort should be spared to develop strategies to tackle these issues.


Lantern Fund Activities Tool Kit

Lanterns are highly symbolic, as objects that radiate light, and the metaphor of the lantern has resonance in Afghan culture and literature. CW4WAfghan is bringing that same metaphor to Canadians, and in particular, to Canadian schools, in inviting participation in the fundraising objectives of The Lantern Fund. We have created a tool kit to guide you through planning and organizing various activities making or using lanterns, that may be used for awareness-raising and educational purposes, or fundraising for The Lantern Fund, or both. These activities provide an opportunity for Canadians to engage in issues around the fight for the human right to education, girls’ access to education, the role of teachers in creating social change, and teacher education; while they can also support the goals of The Lantern Fund, and help more teachers be trained. These activities can be tied into curricula, as well as used by community groups, or just among friends for fun. Download a copy of the Lantern Fund Activities Kit HERE.

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