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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

Sponsorship & Support in Kind

We appreciate In-Kind donations towards printing costs, airline travel (see Aeroplan Charity Account under DONATE TODAY), stationery and other contributions to help reduce our operating expenses. CW4WAfghan volunteer board members are actively seeking sponsorship for our operating and administrative overhead expenses.

We keep our operating expenses to a minimum. However, a sponsorship would allow us to expand our work, build our network with more support to our chapters, and increase our ability to meet our goals.

Here are some examples of sponsor amounts that would really make a difference to our organizaton:

Draft Budget for Annual Operations/Administration/Public Engagement

  • $30,000 for part time salary for Executive Director
  • $30,000 for chapter support
  • $ 5,000 for auditors
  • $ 3,000 for accountant/bookkeeper
  • $ 4,000 for legal, government registration and insurance fees
  • $ 3,000 for communication/web site
  • $ 5,000 printing
  • $20,000 teachers' resource/public engagement activities
  • $15,000 travel monitoring/evaluation

$115,000 per annum - CAN YOU HELP US?

Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan
PO Box 86016, Marda Loop, Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2T 6B7

t: 1 (403) 244-5625

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