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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

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DONATE TODAY!CW4WAfghan is a federally registered charity: 
Canada Revenue Agency #887718203RR0001

Donate Today! via online giving through our account with
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THANK YOU to all of our donors, including Lantern Fund donors and the Breaking Bread Hosts and Guests for your generous support. Over $8.5 million has been raised to support education for Afghan women and girls since our inception in 1998. The large majority of our donations come from individual donors with ongoing support from all of our members and chapter network. Thank you ALL for helping to sustain our projects in Afghanistan...for the long term!  If you have any questions, please email

Click HERE for information on donations made IN HONOUR OF or IN MEMORY OF.

Please SIGN UP for our monthly news bulletins and check our EVENTS to read much more about specific fundraising activities, and learn about our generous donor community. 

Below are examples of what your donation can provide for our projects in Afghanistan.

$ 32 buys student notebooks and pencils
$ 75 funds a community librarian for one month
$125 provides classroom and lab learning materials and books
$200 covers one year of after school programs for a young girl
$300 covers costs to send a young girl to community school for one year
$400 funds one year of literacy classes for a village woman
$750 funds a teacher’s salary for six months
$1,000 trains one ibrarian at a rural teacher college
$1,500 supplies 500 books to one school or village library


Please review our website to learn more about "where the money goes." CW4WAfghan volunteers operate with minimal overhead, ensuring that funds are directed to the targeted partners and beneficiaries in Afghanistan. Our expenses are kept to a minimum through volunteer contributions, by maximizing in-kind services and by taking advantage of the cost-savings offered by modern means of electronic communication such as SKYPE, texting, email and social media tools, working from our own residences and reducing operation expenses for rent and utilities, etc.

Because of this organizational structure, every dollar donated will be spent towards directly impacting the quality and sustainability of our education programs for Afghan women and girls and for CW4WAfghan as an organization. A total of 97% of each donation is directed to our mandated programs (90% for overseas programs and 7% for public engagement programs in Canada). Our average administration expenses are 3% per year. Donations made online by credit card include approximately 4% as a credit card fee which is charged by the service provider,

Our goal is to raise a minimum of $700,000 per annum to meet our project objectives. As well, we welcome 'in-kind' support of volunteers and services (for example, discounts on printing, airfare, supplies, etc.). If you would like to volunteer your time or in-kind services, please contact us or a chapter/affiliate in your area.

All donations are to be directed to our National Office (address below) to fund our projects in Afghanistan These donations are accounted for within the Canada Revenue Agency guidelines and form part of our annual audited financial statements. If you have any questions, please email or call 403 244-5625.




CHEQUE: please make your cheque payable to Canadian Women for Women Afghanistan (or CW4WAfghan) and mail to the address below; do not mail cash. A tax receipt will be issued for donations of $30 and more (please advise if you do not require a tax receipt, which will reduce our administration expenses, or contact us if you would like a tax receipt for donations under $30). Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing.

If you wish to include a one-time $15 MEMBERSHIP Fee, please download, complete and mail the Membership / Donation Form (PDF - 227 KB).




E-TRANSFER: interact e-transfers may be made via your online banking options, if provided by your bank. Select this option on your online banking account, and send your donation to the email: Then also email that same address ( confirming the transaction and providing your name, address (for tax receipts) and the security answer. A tax receipt will be issued by our volunteers after 6-8 weeks. Please note there may be a small fee charged by your bank for this purpose. 




MONTHLY DONATION ON-LINE: Consider becoming a regular monthly donor. CW4WAfghan is pleased to provide an opportunity for Canadians to show their ongoing support to the people of Afghanistan through regular monthly donations. Ongoing donations provide important stability to our programming and critical support to our projects. Please set up your monthly donation via CanadaHelps.




Donate Now Through!





Donations may be made by credit card to CW4WAfghan via CanadaHelps. CanadaHelps provides a valuable service to you as a donor by helping you to manage your donations and receive instant tax receipts by email. This donation method involves a small transaction fee covering all credit card merchant rates, transaction fees, banking costs, receipting, reconciliation and disbursement. Donating via CanadaHelps does simplify the donating process, making it affordable, easy, quick and secure for both you, our donors, and for CW4WAfgan as a volunteer organization. At CanadaHelps you can also request a gift/In Memory Of card or make regular monthly payments.




SECURITIES:  Thank you for choosing to make a gift of publicly listed securities to CW4WAfghan.

To donate securities:
1.    Download and Review our Securities Policy: CW4WAfghan Gifts of Securities.
2.    Download and complete the Securities Transfer Form
3.    Fax the completed Transfer Form to our broker:
Sage Investment Advisors of Raymond James,
            Attn; Patti Dolan
            Fax 1 403 221-0398

4.    Send a copy of this completed Transfer Form to your broker, and keep one copy for your tax files.
5.    Mail the signed original Transfer Form to:

           PO Box 86016 Marda Loop

           Calgary, AB T2T 6B7
           Attention: Financial Officer

A charitable tax receipt is issued by CW4WAfghan for the amount of the closing price of the securities on the trading day when the securities are received. The tax receipt will be mailed to the address provided. Please provide 6-8 weeks for processing.

If you have any questions, please contact us at Tel: 403 244-5625, or email:

Thank you for your support!



E-GIFT CARD DONATION:  CW4WAfghan invites you to donate a Gift of Education for special occasions including In Memory Of, In Honor Of, On Behalf Of, With Birthday Greetings to, As A Special Mother's Day Greeting To, Happy Holidays, For A SPECIAL TEACHER...

Make a donation on behalf of your friends, ­special teacher, family or co-workers (or ask they donate in your name). Our volunteers will send a ­special e-card on your behalf. When making a donation as instructed above, please mail or email ( the name and email address of your gift recipient (this will not be shared) and we will send them a special email notice advising that you have made a gift of education on their behalf to help advance education for Afghan women and their families. Thank you. If you prefer a printed card to be sent to you, please email


Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan
PO Box 86016, Marda Loop, Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2T 6B7

t: 1 (403) 244-5625

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