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Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

Writing for the Web



Writing for the Web and Search Engines - Did you know Writing for the Web is very different from writing for print

  • 79% of users scan the page instead of reading word-for-word
  • Reading from computer screens is 25% slower than from paper
  • Web content should have 50% of the word count of its paper equivalent
  • Search engines use spiders to crawl your website and using their individual algorithms, they will rank your site for selected keywords and phrases. The single most important step to Search Engine Optimization is developing a site with rich content
  • Search engines look for keyword terms and store them in a database for your site
  • They will look for location and frequency of relevant keyword terms
  • They DO NOT read images - this includes graphic headers, menu items
  • Most do not read dynamic pages or java script or flash Got the idea? Here are a few more helpful tips…

1) Home page is key! Use your home page to answer who, what, when, why, where, and how? Your homepage should be an overview of your site.

2) Content driven! Your content will determine how your visitors navigate your website. If you write compelling, engaging content that encourages them to click through to other pages within your site, they will stay on your site longer, get to know your business better, and will be more likely to contact you.

3) Theme it up! Using the sitemap/page title, determine a theme for each page of content. Be sure to stay on topic for each page - if what you are writing does not follow the theme consider adding it to a different page and link off to the additional page where needed. Your sitemap will give you a good idea of the various themes/pages of your website.

4) Choose 1, 2 or a maximum of 3 keyword phrases for each page. These should generally go along with the theme for the page.

5) Repeat your keyword terms or variations of keyword phrases 3-4 times on the page - if possible. Do not risk the quality of your content to repeat your keywords. (Tell the search engines which are your key terms by using them with frequency, in headers and in links. Note: if using graphic headers, repeat the keyword title at the beginning of your first paragraph.

6) Use internal links within your pages to direct your visitors to other relevant pages within your website. Instead of writing ‘click here’ or ‘more info’, use a keyword for the link copy i.e. View Real Estate Listings or Okanagan Wineries are a popular tourist destination (your link could be Okanagan Wineries, bringing visitors to a page on wineries). Use bold to draw the eye to important things.

7) Use common sense. Don’t repeat your keyword terms to the point where it’s obvious or at the risk of losing reader appeal. Search engines see obvious abuse as “spamming”. Although the keywords are necessary, the sentences should still flow.

8) Writing style is important. Choose a tense and stick to it. Use “you” instead of “I/we”. Instead of describing your services, tell the visitor how you can help meet their needs.

9) Use bullet points. Begin a page with a Heading then a brief paragraph and use bullet points to outline features/services etc.

10) Worth a thousand words… When selecting images, choose images relating to the content. Images should enhance the content or assist visitors in interpreting what they read.

11) Start with your homepage only. Please do not proceed to your inner pages until your Search Engine Specialist approves your homepage content.

12) Spell and grammar check your content in a word processor before submitting content for your website.

13) Using the text editor? If you are using a text editor to add content, please do not cut and paste from word. To avoid additional expenses for re-formatting, use the PASTE FROM TEXT option available in your text editor. This tool will correctly enter your content. We thank you for your efforts - it takes teamwork to build a quality website!

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